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  1. Mommy V.I.P. says:

    My reply to “Is free will really free?”. What do you guys think of this proposition? And how might this influence what you do in the classroom? Would students feeling as if they have free will change the classroom environment?

    Yes, free will is free, one always have a choice, no matter if one can see it or not. Free will is a conscious choice that is made on the inside of us whether we are aware of it or not. It’s not about feeling free or feeling controlled, it’s about what you do about the situation that your in at the time. It is about knowing that you always have a choice, it’s up to each person to know what that choice is. Changing the classroom around gives a false since of control, the world does not work that way. This is a great lesson to teach our younger generation. Basing our since of control from our external environment sets up a pretense that it is possible, which can set one up for failure, especially when our external environment is subject to change at any given moment. This environmental change puts one back in that feeling of loosing control and a lack of feeling the since of free will. True free will is mastering your spirit, mind and the perspective in which you look at things. Love the post.


    Mommy me V.I.P.

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