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i am a behavior and learning scientist. i hold an ed.d. in educational psychology and am trained as an instructional designer. i have spent more than 15 years working in education and instructional software design.

A Great Math App for Kids

Just in case you didn’t catch it someplace else, I thought I’d share the free math app review that we published this week over on Balefire Labs. I’ve talked to you guys about the Native Numbers app before, but here … Continue reading

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What I Learned at my CHIFOO Talk

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to give a talk at the Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon (CHIFOO). CHIFOO is a really interesting group. They are a local chapter of SIGCHI, the premier international society for professionals, academics and students … Continue reading

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Using Frequent Formative Assessment

I read a really great article in The Atlantic about more testing, not less, in American classrooms. That was not a typo. It is a really fantastic article about how great testing can be…in spite of the much-maligned status of testing in the media! … Continue reading

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Students’ vs. Parents’ Use of Tech in School

You know I’m a sucker for a fun infographic. And when I came across this one I thought it was really funny….until I realized that I’m in that “your parents” generation! Yikes! When did that happen?!?

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Only Two of the Top 10 EdApps in iTunes are Worth Buying

This blog post originally appeared on the Balefire Labs blog. A lot of teachers and parents we talk to have told us that when they are trying to find apps for their kids they look at the Top Charts in … Continue reading

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STEM, Politicians and Listening Tours

So on Thursday when I posted my shameless self-promotion post I promised a “real” post today. Here it is (finally). I wanted to have a conversation with you all about an experience I had last week. Balefire Labs was invited … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Balefire Labs

Here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion…with the promise that I’ll write a “real” blog post tomorrow! But what an honor for us to be featured in the “Cool Tools” section of Ed Tech Digest! Rock on! EdTech Digest Karen Mahon … Continue reading

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The Don’t Go Down in Flames on the First Day of School Checklist

Just to mix things up a bit, I thought this would be fun for all of you who are teachers! Have a great first day back (whenever that may be…for some of you, today!)

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Using Google Glass in Education

This is pretty far out and, yeah, kind of blew my mind! We’ve all seen the recent images of Google Glass in the news, but I confess, I hadn’t really given any thought to how it might be used in … Continue reading

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Parents’ Role in Mobile Learning

Originally posted on EDUWELLS:
Guest Writer Reese Jones (UK) Parents are giving their approval stamps on the use of modern technology inside the classrooms. The presence of devices has breathed a new life to the otherwise routine of the students. But, of…

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