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Lessons from a dolphin trainer for any manager or parent

Originally posted on John Stepper:
Despite my experience raising five kids aged 3 to 18, I’ve been using ineffective parenting techniques for a very long time. As Einstein might have said, I’ve been insane. In trying to shape my children’s behavior,…

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What Sir Ken Got Wrong

I just came across this article…it is nothing short of amazing. It’s a bit on the long side, compared with the nuggets we are accustomed to online, but well worth the read. Please take the time! Best bets “We are … Continue reading

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How the iPad can turn teaching special ed ‘on its head’

I worked in special ed for a long time and really enjoyed this article. Hope you do too.

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Cool Tool | Balefire Labs

Here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion…with the promise that I’ll write a “real” blog post tomorrow! But what an honor for us to be featured in the “Cool Tools” section of Ed Tech Digest! Rock on! EdTech Digest Karen Mahon … Continue reading

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The Don’t Go Down in Flames on the First Day of School Checklist

Just to mix things up a bit, I thought this would be fun for all of you who are teachers! Have a great first day back (whenever that may be…for some of you, today!)

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Parents’ Role in Mobile Learning

Originally posted on EDUWELLS:
Guest Writer Reese Jones (UK) Parents are giving their approval stamps on the use of modern technology inside the classrooms. The presence of devices has breathed a new life to the otherwise routine of the students. But, of…

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A snapshot of Google’s uphill battle getting Android into schools

Originally posted on Gigaom:
In May at its annual developer conference, Google (s GOOG) announced plans to launch a new Android app store, called Google Play for Education, for teachers this fall. But there’s some new evidence that it’s in…

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How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats

This isn’t a “usual” type of post for me, but I think a lot of you will find it extremely useful. I know I will!!

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The Standards and creativity – compatible

I really loved this post from Grant Wiggins…and I agree with him completely! What do you think? Granted, and…   Why do people insist on viewing the Standards as inconsistent with teacher creativity and choice? I am baffled by such … Continue reading

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Worksheets: BAD. Technology: GOOD. An Analysis.

I was skimming through my twitter feed the other day and saw a tweet that stopped me dead in my tracks. I can’t quote it verbatim now, but it said something like this: Worksheets allow teachers to pretend that they’re … Continue reading

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