The Power of One…A Reminder

From time to time we all question how much of a difference we, as individuals, can really make. I’ve been experiencing those moments of self-doubt as I move down this entrepreneurial road. Most of the time I think, shaking my fist in the air, “I’m gonna change the world!” Other times I think, “What hubris I have to think that I can change the status quo in education technology.”  

So this video came to me today at just the perfect time. I’d seen it before, but had forgotten it. And today I need the boost and the reminder. I am one. But I can make a difference. So now I’m going to stop my whining and get busy!!

What do you think? Pretty inspirational, right?

About karen mahon

i am a behavior and learning scientist. i hold an ed.d. in educational psychology and am trained as an instructional designer. i have spent more than 15 years working in education and instructional software design.
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